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Fostering Voices Podcast

Jan 17, 2021

Happy 2021!

We recorded this episode on December 30th, 2020, with the intentions of releasing it the next day... Well, here we are almost 3 weeks later! Gotta love those good intentions!

So welcome to season 7.

We had an absolutely incredible season 6, and we are so thankful for all of the new listeners who joined us on our journey this last year.

This episode talks about some of our favorite books and episodes from this year. We hope you enjoy it!

Some things we mentioned in this episode:

- We LOVED reading/listening to these biographies this year - "Greenlight" by Matthew McConaughey, "Born a Crime" by Trevor Noah, "That Mean Old Yesterday" by Stacey Patton (by a former foster youth), "Real American" by Julie Lythcott Haims, and "Becoming" by Michelle Obama.  

- Basically every podcast episode we recorded this year were our faves for different reasons! We met Gaelin Elmore and his wife this year, and he was on episodes 86 and 87, and he shared about his journey as a former foster youth. As did my friends, Monica, in episode 107, and Wendy in Episode 100.  

- We loved interviewing Justice James Beene in episode 108, and Davey Jones on episode 99, and Dr. Ray Branton on episodes 97 and 98, our sister Lindsay on building community in your neighborhood in episode 104.

- Some of our highs from this year were that we officially became a family of 9 through adoption. Chris was promoted at work, and Jihae delivered a good talk at United Apart (that you can watch on our YouTube Channel!)

- We are so thankful for our sponsors from this year - Showit, and Charles and Grace, and Keller-Gibbs Realty Team!