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Fostering Voices Podcast

Oct 25, 2023


In this episode, we dive deep into the crucial topic of mental health and finding a path forward when you're grappling with the question, "Where do I go from here?" Today, we are thrilled to have Carol Melim join our conversation. Carol is not only a Licensed Clinical Social Worker but also a specialist in trauma therapy, certified in EMDR and EMDRIA, with a unique perspective. She brings a wealth of book knowledge and invaluable lived experience to the table, making her exceptionally attuned to the distinctive challenges faced by foster and adopted children, as well as their families.

Throughout this episode, we'll explore the intersection of mental health and family dynamics, drawing on Carol's expertise and personal insights. Whether you're a parent seeking guidance, someone interested in mental health, or simply curious about the experiences of foster and adopted children, this conversation will provide valuable insights and practical advice. Join us as we navigate this important conversation, offering hope and understanding for those asking themselves, "Where do I go from here?"

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Complementary & Alternative Techniques and Interventions used with Complex Trauma Clients

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00:22 - On Today's Episode

00:35 - Welcome Carol Melim

01:33 - Carol's Story

04:04 - RTC's, CFT's, Life Skills

04:55 - Making a Change to Help

05:48 - Respite

06:55 - Becoming a Therapist

07:57 - Unique Challenges

09:18 - Lacking Behavioral Support

11:47 - Having a Safe Space

12:53 - Navigating Therapy

15:18 - Maneuvering Within Therapy

16:57 - Knowing When Therapy is Needed

18:09 - Recognizing False Motivation

20:51 - Follow the Mama Duck

21:31 - The 'Why' Journal

23:02 - Changing Behavior

25:22 - You Don't Get Pie

27:41 - Fun in Parenting

28:58 - Identifying Urgent Scenarios

30:51 - Behavior Coaches

32:32 - When it's not just Trauma

33:55 - Beyond Therapy

35:14 - Leaving too Soon

36:38 - The Takeaway

37:20 - Resources

38:25 - Connect with Us!

38:46 - Thank You!