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Fostering Voices Podcast

Nov 14, 2023


Welcome back to the Fostering Voices podcast with Kim and Brian! In celebration of Adoption Awareness Month this November, join us for a special episode dedicated to all things adoption. Our guest, Ed Johnson, a revered local attorney deeply embedded in foster and adoption circles, brings a wealth of experience to the discussion.

In this insightful episode, Ed shares his years of knowledge, shedding light on crucial aspects of the adoption journey. If you're on the path to adoption in Arizona, don't miss the opportunity to connect with Ed—his contact information will be in the resource notes. As advocates for informed parenting, we emphasize the importance of understanding the unique spaces of loss associated with adoption. Education is key, and the more you empower yourself with knowledge, the better equipped you'll be to support your children, present or future.

We hope today's conversation sparks valuable insights and encourages ongoing discussions about adoption. Tune in for a heartfelt exploration of this meaningful journey.

Resource Links:

Ed Johnson -, 480-209-2847 

Families Considering Foster Care and Adoption

The Primal Wound by Nancy Newton Verrier

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00:03 - Intro

00:53 - Welcome!

01:42 - Ed's Story and Work

02:25 - Having a Voice in the Court System

03:53 - Ed's Experience with Adoption

05:39 - Kids Need to be Remembered

06:09 - Appreciating RAD

07:54 - The Joy and Reality of Adoption

10:12 - FIrst Hand Experience with Trauma

12:18 - Relating to One Another

12:46 - Support Leads to Successful Adoptions

15:56 - Resilience Leads to Successful Adoptions

17:51 - Those who Stick Around

18:54 - It's a Family Affair

19:25 - Who's Your Favorite Child?

20:24 - Other People's Perceptions

23:08 - To Foster or To Adopt?

27:03 - Talking about Severence

28:24 - Talking about Cost

30:24 - Subsidies for Fostering

35:23 - The Practical Support of Subsidy

36:56 - The Courtroom Process

40:03 - After the Courtroom is Over

42:08 - The 30-dollar Staple

44:29 - Freedom After Adoption

46:39 - Extended Family

47:35 - The Takeaway

48:59 - Resources

51:01 - Connect with Us!

51:24 - Thank you!