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Fostering Voices Podcast

Dec 5, 2023


In this episode we peel back the curtain and take a look into tribal foster care. Joining us are Brad and Karin Dahlman, a remarkable couple who have dedicated themselves to fostering children for many years. Through tribal foster care, they've opened their hearts and homes to dozens of kids, making an immeasurable impact on our community. Karin sits on the board of Foster Arizona, and Brad is one of those people we can call to rally troops or step into a problem. We absolutely love them and are really grateful we all get to learn from them today. Tune in as we dive deep into their incredible journey as foster parents and explore the vital role of tribal foster care in the lives of children. Join us for an inspiring and informative conversation that sheds light on the challenges and rewards of this vital work.

Resource Links:

The Importance of ICWA Foster Homes: A Personal Account | American Indian Policy Institute

For Families & Service Providers ยป NICWA

Foster a Future for American Indian Children | Arizona Department of Child Safety

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00:09 - On Today's Episod

00:43 - Welcome

01:17 - Brad and Karin Dahlman

01:38 - Life Before Foster Care

02:27 - Deciding to Foster

04:01 - Answering the Call

04:21 - Adjusting to the Decision

06:17 - Tribal or Not?

08:27 - Overcoming Tribal Challenges

13:37 - Kill 'em with Kindness

15:07 - It's all About Relationships

16:45 - Let them Lead Us

18:29 - The Baby Book

19:59 - From Baby Book to Dad

20:16 - Packing the Children Up

22:28 - Losing a Child

24:17 - Can't do it for Yourself

24:55 - Stronger for It

25:55 - Never too Old

26:56 - Unexpected Blessings

28:11 - Being on the Same Page

30:15 - Changing Visions

31:57 - Misconceptions

32:58 - Starting Late

34:23 - 7 kids; 6 and Under

35:09 - You Can!

35:47 - The Takeaway

37:21 - Resources

38:52 - Connect with Us!

39:16 - Thank You!