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Fostering Voices Podcast

Oct 19, 2019

We start off this episode with an apology and clarification! In episode 70, we talked about court, FCRBs, and TDMs. We completely forgot about CFTs! We have only been to one CFT and one TDM, and they were both for our 4th placement, and we just lumped them together. SO our apologies for our mistake, and thanks to Grace Sharp and Kristen Friend for lovingly pointing that out. 

A CFT is a Child Family Team meeting. It usually happens near the beginning of a case, and it's purpose is to have all the team members discuss the family's strengths, needs, and problems. There is supposed to be discussion about how everyone will play a role in the lives of the children. We didn't get a lot out of our meeting, except that we were able to see some of the other team members (case workers, social workers), and also hear from other members on the phone (parents). 

A TDM is a Team Decision-Making Meeting, and they are held for all decisions involving a child's removal, change of placement and permanency plan. The one we went to, was very intense and stressful. Maybe ones you go to will not be so. 

As we mentioned earlier - we have only been to ONE of EACH of these meetings. So as much as there should be a CFT and a TDM for each of the cases you have - that's not what always happens. So, as always - just go with the flow! And it's going to be different every time!

We also discussed how Jihae got an endometrial ablation the day we recorded this podcast. If you want to read more about those (ladies...) then feel free to check this article out.

The meat of this episode talked about how Chris and Lily went on a week long mission trip to Nicaragua. Lily is 12, and Chris was scared. But it was a huge step of faith for everyone, and the thing CHris took away from the trip is to TAKE THE NEXT STEP.

So What does that look like for you?

For those looking to get involved in foster care, you can always offer to babysit for a foster family (for free!). There is a HUGE need for people who would be willing and able to help out with medically fragile children. These parents really need a break sometimes! And another amazing way you can get involved is to donate your old car to a bio family who is getting reunified with their children! Our friends, the Piepers and the Tinters (episodes 5 and 55 respectively), both did that this year, and what a massive blessing!

The Good Word of the Day

Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them.

Joshua 1:6.

So be bold! If there is something you feel led to do - just go ahead and try it out! Especially if it's for the benefit of others, not yourself.

We hope you enjoyed this episode!

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