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Fostering Voices Podcast

Dec 26, 2023


As we wrap up 2024, we're diving into the complexities of foster care planning. Unlike the conventional New Year's resolutions, the foster care journey is a unique landscape filled with uncertainties. In today's raw and unfiltered discussion, it's just the two of us sharing our personal experiences without any...

Dec 12, 2023


Welcome to a festive episode of our podcast, where we dive into the heartwarming world of holiday traditions and intentional joy. As we usher in the holiday season, we're joined by some special guests – the Vehon kids! In this intimate conversation, we explore how our family of 9 embraces the spirit...

Dec 5, 2023


In this episode we peel back the curtain and take a look into tribal foster care. Joining us are Brad and Karin Dahlman, a remarkable couple who have dedicated themselves to fostering children for many years. Through tribal foster care, they've opened their hearts and homes to dozens of kids, making an...

Nov 14, 2023


Welcome back to the Fostering Voices podcast with Kim and Brian! In celebration of Adoption Awareness Month this November, join us for a special episode dedicated to all things adoption. Our guest, Ed Johnson, a revered local attorney deeply embedded in foster and adoption circles, brings a wealth of experience...

Oct 25, 2023


In this episode, we dive deep into the crucial topic of mental health and finding a path forward when you're grappling with the question, "Where do I go from here?" Today, we are thrilled to have Carol Melim join our conversation. Carol is not only a Licensed Clinical Social Worker but also a specialist in...