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Fostering Voices Podcast

Jul 11, 2023


Matthew Blades is a familiar and friendly voice known to many in Arizona from the successful Matthew and Priscilla in the Morning show on Mix 96.9 FM. Matthew's own journey of battling physical and mental health challenges led him to step away from broadcasting and embark on a healing journey. Now, he sits in front of the podcast mic, hosting the insightful "Learn From Those Who Lived It" podcast, where he engages in conversations with individuals who have overcome unimaginable circumstances and found their path to healing.

Matthew's commitment to spreading joy continues with his new podcast, "I Needed That," co-hosted with Fitness Expert Chris Powell. Drawing from his personal experiences, Matthew shares valuable lessons in his workshops and speaking engagements, touching the lives of others. Today, we dive into an important topic: self-care. This discussion resonates with everyone, particularly those involved in the foster care world. Get ready to join us as we explore the significance of self-care and welcome Matthew Blades to the podcast. Prepare to be inspired and uplifted!

Resource Links:

Learn From People Who Lived It - Podcast

2021 Top 10 Self-Care Resources - PDF

Caregivers Guide to Wellbeing - PDF


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Chapter Markers:

00:04 - On Today's Episode

00:34 - Welcome Matthew Blades!

02:25 - Matthew's Story

04:40 - Your Super Power

05:12 - 3 Ways to Screw up Your Kids

07:10 - I am a Human FIrst!

07:41 - Shame, Fear, and Guilt

11:06 - The Recordings in our Heads

12:33 - Moving Forward

13:49 - Spinning the Plates

15:52 - It's not Control; It's Fear

16:59 - Letting Go

18:44 - You're a Transitional Character

20:44 - Speaking it Out Loud

21:47 - Redefining Success

23:59 - Your Real Life - Personal Inventory

26:43 - The Value of Self

27:51 - Having a Self Care Strategy

30:03 - Kim's Weekend

31:31 - Being Selfish

33:36 - The Blame Game

35:00 - Giving Yourself Permission

38:02 - The Takeaway

40:04 - Resources - Closing Thoughts

43:16 - You are not Broken

44:05 - Wrap Up

45:00 - Thank You!