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Fostering Voices Podcast

Aug 8, 2023


Join us in celebrating the return to school as we dive into an enlightening discussion on IEPs and 504s with the incredible Nancy Williams. Our guest, Nancy, brings a wealth of expertise to the table as the Executive Director of the Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents, an organization that has personally touched our lives. With a remarkable 30-year career in education, including roles as a special education teacher and administrator, Nancy's insights are invaluable.

As a volunteer Surrogate Parent through the Department of Education, Nancy advocates passionately for youth in group homes who require special education services. She's a dedicated champion for families navigating the complex school system and fighting for their children's rights. In this episode, we'll delve into the intricacies of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 plans, gaining essential knowledge and strategies for supporting children with diverse needs.

Nancy's dedication and expertise shine through as we discuss fostering inclusive and supportive educational environments. Tune in as we engage in a dynamic conversation that empowers parents and educators alike. We're thrilled to welcome Nancy into our podcast space today.

Resource Links:

Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents

A Guide to the Individualized Education Program

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Arizona Center for Disability Law


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