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Fostering Voices Podcast

Sep 12, 2023


Today is all about celebration as Foster Arizona turns 10 years old. Join us as we take a delightful trip down memory lane, reflecting on the invaluable lessons and heartwarming joys we've encountered throughout this incredible journey.

In this special episode, we're honored to have Al Moore, one of our founding board members and the current board chair, as well as Ashley Shick, one of our earliest lead team volunteers and a dedicated board member. Their stories and insights will inspire you as we share our love and gratitude for these incredible individuals. Get ready for a heartfelt and enlightening conversation as we celebrate a decade of fostering hope and change. Stay tuned!

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00:10 - On Today's Episode

00:36 - Welcome Ashley and Al

00:59 - How did you get Involved?

04:01 - Ashley Getting the Call

04:30 - And then there's Al!

06:00 - Foster Care Becomes Personal

07:36 - The Kids Change Your Life

08:28 - What Keeps You Coming Back?

11:33 - It Takes a Village

12:03 - The System's Numbers are Skewed

13:38 - What Brings them Back?

15:04 - It's not all Sunshine and Roses

18:53 - Pivot, Flex, Adapt, Grow

20:10 - The Human Challenge

25:20 - Meeting People Where They Are

26:51 - Mountain Top Moments

31:02 - Reminiscing on the Beginning

33:35 - Celebrating Today and the Future

34:59 - The Magic Sauce

37:11 - There's a Surprise Drawing!

39:04 - The Takeaway

41:18 - Big Birthday Bash Event Coming Up!

41:56 - Submit Your Story Please!

42:31 - Connect with Us!

43:08 - Thank You!