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Fostering Voices Podcast

Sep 26, 2023


In this episode we delve into the transformative journey of becoming a foster parent. Join us as we sit down with Katie O’Dell, the passionate Executive Director of AZ127, a steadfast advocate for fostering life within a supportive community. AZ127 firmly believes that children require families, and families thrive with a strong support network. Together, we explore the profound steps, challenges, and rewards on the path to becoming a foster parent. Katie shares her invaluable insights, highlighting the vital role that community plays in this process. Tune in as we embark on this inspiring journey, discovering the power of love, compassion, and unity in building a brighter future for children in need.

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00:08 - On Today's Episode

00:35 - Welcome Katie O'Dell!

01:03 - Katie's Story

04:12 - Invisibility in Our Own Community

05:58 - What Happens to the Invisible?

07:23 - Advocating for the Invisible

09:15 - The Stereotype of The Invisible

10:03 - Mobilizing Faith Communities

11:27 - Families Need Communities

13:51 - Fostering is Hard

14:59 - Wrap Around Care Community

17:10 - Lonliness in America

18:05 - Offering Care

19:08 - We are "Judgy" People

21:28 - We can Change our Communities

22:44 - Walking the Talk

26:55 - Foster Parents are Real People

28:00 - Take the Next Step

30:03 - Anyone can Step Up

31:14 - It will Change Your Life!

31:58 - Every Little Thing Counts!

33:31 - The Takeaway

33:48 - Step Into Caring for the Vulnerable

34:31 - Resources

35:19 - Start Asking Questions

36:02 - Join the Conversation!

36:30 - Thank You!