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Fostering Voices Podcast

Jun 11, 2024


In honor of June being Family Reunification Month, today's episode sheds light on a crucial yet often overlooked issue in our community: the challenges and misconceptions surrounding birth families involved in the foster care system. As foster parents, we initially held unfair biases towards these families. However, through our journey, we've learned that various factors make some families more at risk of system involvement than others.

To deepen this conversation, we are thrilled to welcome Claire Louge, the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Arizona. Claire is dedicated to strengthening families and protecting children. She is passionate about creating a supportive and welcoming community where everyone can access the resources they need. Her insights and dedication to family reunification will inspire and inform our discussion.

Join us as we explore the complexities of the foster care system, challenge our preconceptions, and learn how we can all contribute to a more understanding and supportive environment for families in need. We are grateful to have Claire share her expertise and heart with us, and we hope this episode fosters greater awareness and compassion within our community. Tune in and be part of this important conversation.

Resource Links:

Article: Contact with Child Protective Services is pervasive but unequally distributed by race and ethnicity in large US counties | PNAS

Protective Factors Framework - Center for the Study of Social Policy

“Considering Yourself a Mandated Supporter” training: For Mandated Reporters - Prevent Child Abuse Arizona

Community Opportunity Map

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell:

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