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Fostering Voices Podcast

Nov 23, 2019

This week's episode talks about national adoption month and thanksgiving!

National Adoption Month and Day!

November 23rd 2019 is National Adoption Day, which is so exciting as we know this is a huge day for families who are adopting children out of foster care! And National Adoption Month was created to promote adoption via foster care. 

We are thankful for all the families that we know who have adopted - whether locally or internationally. Adoption is a multi-faceted and emotionally-charged topic, but when done with grace and humility, that's when the adoption triad can really thrive!

Adoption Triad

We have spoken about the adoption triad in passing several times, and it involves the Adoptee (person who was adopted), the Bio family, and the Adoptive family. When each side of the triangle is strong, and willing to do what is best for the adoptee, the triangle can be successful!

Name Change?

In this episode, we also touched on whether or not adoptive families have changed their adopted children's given names. We found that more people who responded to our poll DID change names. Reasons varied from safety, to letting children choose their new names, and giving family names. And reasons for not changing names was to allow children to keep one of the things that their parents gave to them. (Another family said they kept their birth names as middle names). There is no wrong answer to this, and I am thankful that we have also had input from adoptees themselves. It is important to do what is right for your adoptee and your family.

The Good Word of the Day

"Gratitude is one of the greatest Christian virtues; ingratitude is one of the most destructive sins. Ask God to open your eyes to all the blessings He has given you, and ask for a fresh spirit of gratitude - not just at this season of the year, but always."

- Billy Graham, Hope For Each Day

We hope you will all take time this week, as well as everyday, to find something wonderful to be grateful for. We understand some seasons are easier to do this in than others, but it's still important nonetheless!

We talked about what an inspiration it was to hear Montel Williams talk about his battle with MS. He once said hat instead of focusing on foods he is no longer allowed to eat, he looks at the food he is able to eat (mostly veggies!) and thinks 'what a blessing that I have the privilege to eat this healthy food.' Focus on the positive and not the negatives! 

And we also read this article that shared more about Motel and his amazing mindset: 
"These days, Montel tries to think of his disease as a gift. "This is what God gave me," he says.

Montel shares one of his calming techniques with Oprah, Dr. Oz and the audience.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Think back on a wonderful moment in your life.
  • Take two deep breaths.
  • Open your eyes.
"I go to that place of gratitude," he says. "I go to that place of fulfillment and taking advantage of the small things." "
And when we can look at being foster and adoptive parents in the same light: that we have the privilege of taking care of these kids, instead of the burden, or inconvenience of the system, hopefully that will make this journey more enjoyable for everyone.

We hope you are able to enjoy great meals with great people this week (and every week)! We are so thankful for you listeners!

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