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Fostering Voices Podcast

Feb 1, 2020

Episode 81 marks the first episode of Season 5, and we are so excited for a brand new season, featuring new episodes and new interviews! The biggest news from our off season is that we acquired a Podcast Sponsor! We are so very thankful for Showit for walking alongside our podcast, and foster care journey, and supporting us!

Showit is a premier website builder for photographers. Although admittedly- anyone who needs a website can benefit from the beautiful designs, and mobile-responsive layout of all Showit sites. Our website is powered by Showit! And one of our sweet co-workers at Showit - Josh Ahles, worked on some backend stuff on our site, so we are thankful that it is working better than before! So if you are looking for a website, check out Showit! If you need someone to help you with it, hit up Josh! We also know a ton of other website designers, so seriously, reach out if this is something you are interested in.

This episode talks about our 6 week break from the podcast, where we got to relax, and rest as a family of 9. We had a great Christmas, and worked on some things during our break. Namely goals for the new year! Our kids do this as well. The 4 years olds basically get to partake in some caffeine-free Starbucks, and they color. But all the other kids think of things they want to accomplish, and how they are going to do that. Many goals involved being more patient with siblings, and making better food choices (less Takis!).

Some of our inspiration for making our goals comes from Dave Ramsey, and this episode from the Storybrand podcast. Our friend Grant Botma is a great example of working out a life goal. His company, Stewardship, seeks to love people through their finances. So simple, yet you can see this in every aspect of Grant's business and life! He recently wrote a great book where he also talks about this called The Problem Isn't Their Paycheck. Definitely check all of those out!

One major takeaway from this episode for foster parents is to Check Your Email Junk Mail! We lost some valuable notices for free bicycles for foster kids before Christmas! Such a bummer. But we did hit up Goodwill after Christmas, and we scored some great bikes for $12! What a deal!

We are so thankful for all of you listeners, and we hope you enjoyed your holidays as well. Get ready for a new season of the podcast, and we hope to educate and empower you on the journey you are on!

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Hope you have a great week and join us again next Saturday!