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Fostering Voices Podcast

Mar 1, 2020

Arizona Association for Foster and Adoptive Parents (aka AZAFFAP) is a fantastic organization here in Arizona, that stands to create a community of support for foster and adoptive parents. They are for families, by families! 

This interview is with the wonderful Kristi Sharp, the office administrator at AZAFFAP, and she is also a former foster parent. If you join AZAFFAP, Kristi will be your point of contact, and I am so thankful that she is so great at her job! 

There are 2 levels of memberships - a basic one, which is FREE! And this membership comes with emails and resources to help you on your foster care journey. The next membership is $35 for a single adult, or $50 for a couple. This membership comes with extra perks that far exceed $50!

Some of those perks include:

- Annual Shoes Giveaway: Foster children, and any other children living in the home, are able to go to DSW or WSS to pick out a new pair of shoes!

- Recycle Your Bicycle: Foster children, and any other children living in the home, are able to come on an appointed day, to get a new or refurbished bicycle!

- Top Golf with Dad: A fun 3 hours to go to Top Golf with dad, and hang out with other foster families.

- Nutcracker Ballet: Free tickets to the Nutcracker ballet!

- Family Picnic with ASU: an event put on by ASU for foster families to come together and have a giant picnic.

- Staycation: This is a paid event, so it is also available for the basic members. But foster families are able to enjoy a staycation at a great resort (last year was at The Arizona Grand) in Phoenix, or in Tuscon, at a very discounted rate! 

- Christmas in July: which is exactly what it sounds like!

Thanks so much to Kristi, for all that she does with AZAFFAP, and also to the fine folks behind this incredible organization! Fostering and adopting are not easy, but it is so wonderful to be able to be supported by amazing organizations like this one.