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Fostering Voices Podcast

Mar 31, 2018

Welcome back my friends!

Today's episode is a fun, and not-fun one, as we dive into the good and bad, the hard and the happy, basically all the dichotomies involving foster care and adoption.

Stay tuned til the end for a very brief interview with 3/4 of my kids! Wesley is not in it, because 1. He was asleep 2. It's hard to understand what he is saying cause he is two. 3. The world is not ready for his brand of cuteness just yet.

In this episode:

I talk about how it is important to remember that sometimes the thing that we as foster parents are the most excited for, comes at the cost of one of the worst, or hardest days for our foster babes.

This is true for the story of adoption as well. Though kids may be happy to have a new family, and new opportunities, this comes at the cost of being separated from their bio families.

I lose my mind and can't remember the difference between fiction and non-fiction because it was almost midnight and I am no longer sharp past 9pm... I meant to say that the story of Christ is not fiction. It is non-fiction, as in it's all true. I have a degree in English Literature. I basically brought shame to the entire English Department at the University of Toronto with this one. My bad.

I mentioned Restless by Jennie Allen. She talks a bit about Hebrews 11, and the Hall of Fame of Faith, and how these great people endured hard things that brought about great results. Like Abraham having to leave everything he knew to start a new nation. Or even David who had to deal with his shame and guilt, but was still able to pursue God wholeheartedly.

So many beautiful things come from hard, broken, even terrible situations. This is Redemption. This is what happens when you put things in God's hands, and He is able to create something from the ashes.

God also is a gap-filler. And in foster care and adoption - there are SO MANY GAPS to fill. And we as the parents cannot fill those. I am thankful that the God I serve is more than able to do this, and so much more.

The (Good) Word of the Day:

 "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:8

The cost and benefit of Christ dying on the cross was huge. The cost was High. And the benefit - even higher. And all this while we are ungrateful sinners. That is a beautiful picture of love, and we are thankful for the example Christ set for us.

This is a bit of a preachy episode, and I apologize for that. But it's Easter! And I am so thankful to serve a God who loves me So Much. All glory be to Him. Amen.