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Fostering Voices Podcast

Jun 2, 2020

This week we are so thankful to be able to welcome our friend, Ray Branton to the podcast! He shares practical ways to have successful, and meaningful relationships - with your friends, but especially with your spouse!

Things that are important to remember in relationship is to empathize and listen. Feel what the other is feeling, and hear their hearts. Another major key is to remember that you are both on the same team! This is crucial to remembering that your spouse has good intentions, even if they may have done or said something negative. Empathy is the glue of good relationships.

Some signs of a healthy marriage is whether or not you can move through conflict quickly. Not in 10 minutes, but also not in 10 days. Or 10 months. Actually talking through your conflict, and both parties feeling like they have been heard and seen. 

Another sign of a healthy marriage is that you have fun and you laugh together! But this can only be done when you create a safe place for everyone in the relationship to feel valued. You cannot live your lives in pursuit of fun, and high highs, cause the daily grind is difficult - but you can still make that fun. It just takes work and intentionality. Make time for daily deep connectedness. 

And conflict and stress are not signs of a bad marriage. In fact, stress and pressure create meaning, growth, and depth in your relationship - and life! 

And also make sure that you surround yourself with likeminded individuals, and couples who are striving for the same things as you! If you want to make an impact on this world, you have to surround yourself with others who are making an impact in this world. You need support, you need community. And then make sure you are being a support to those who want to be where you are! Find a mentor, be a mentor!

You can find out more about Ray and his practice, PCA Counselors at their website

And feel free to connect with us as well via email or social media!