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Fostering Voices Podcast

May 14, 2024


In today's episode, we explore the profound impact of connections on well-being, particularly in the context of foster care. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention highlights the pivotal role of social connections in fostering healthy choices and better mental and physical health outcomes. However, many...

Apr 23, 2024


Today, it’s just the two of us, engaging in a candid conversation about mental health. Ironically, we find ourselves easing into a month dedicated to both mental health and foster care awareness. For those who have experienced life within the foster care system, the intricate connection between these two...

Apr 9, 2024


In honor of Stress Awareness Month, our podcast delves into the crucial topic of stress reduction and self-care. While this is important for everyone, it holds even greater significance for caregivers of children with special needs and those working in social services fields. The toll of constant stress can...

Mar 26, 2024


Today, we’re delving into an exciting new therapy modality called Critical Memory Integration. This groundbreaking approach focuses on healing trauma by exploring unresolved critical memories and integrating them with neutral memories, fostering resilience in individuals.

At the forefront of this creation,...

Mar 12, 2024


Welcome back to the Fostering Voices podcast! In today’s episode, we’re picking up where we left off last week. Our microphones are live on location at Foster Cooperative’s first training day of 2024, where we’re soaking up knowledge and growing together. 🌱

Last time, you had the pleasure of meeting...