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Fostering Voices Podcast

Oct 25, 2020

We are beyond honored to have The Honorable Justice James Beene on our podcast! Justice Beene, aka Jim, has served on the supreme court in Arizona for the last year, and had served in Family and Juvenile court for over 4 years, here in Arizona.

There is just SO much great stuff in this podcast, and we hope you enjoy this fantastic interview with a wise, and kind guest who truly cares for the futures of the young people in foster care, as well as their bio families, and the families who choose to foster.

We had Kim Turner, a GAL, on our podcast on episode 53. If you want to learn more about the court system for foster kids, check out that episode as well.

The Good Word of the Day


That's a great word that Justice Beene's mother often reminded him of. And it's a great word for all of us to lean into in times of trouble and hardship. There is always great reward on the other side of hard work and persistence!

If you have any questions for Justice Beene, we can pass them along to him. You can email us at . We would love to connect with you there, or on social media!

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We are so thankful for you, sweet listeners!!! WE hope you have a great week and that you will tune in again next week!